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My Idle Air Control Solenoid; Odd shaped thing Near the Throttle Body mounted on the Plenum with a 2 Coolant Feeds 1 Wire and an Air feed from the intake Hose, It was all Rusted and the Coolant didn't reach it anymore (blocked I suppose). I've never had to buy an IAC before so I'm not sure what a good price is, I Know I could probably get an okay deal at the wreckers but then I worry if a second hand one would be busted like mine? I'm not really sure if I need to go new or 2nd hand and what to pay, Also unsure if I can repair mine (New Coolant feed bung and clean it)

When I got the car it didn't always Idle well it was running rich and didn't bump up the idle When the air-con came on or there was a load on the alternator and it wouldn't adjust for the engine temperature either, all around the idle was erratic and sometimes bordering on stalling or it was above 1000rpm and I had to put the air-con on to lower the idle enough to put it into gear as I have and auto and it would clunk dramatically and try and take off

I can't adjust the idle with the butterfly as that's sort of a set and leave thing, So what I've got is a flat blade screwdriver in the glove box and if I need lights and air-con and it's doing less than 500rpm in gear I Pop the hood and adjust what I assume is the Air to Fuel ratio screw on the top of the Throttle Body towards the FireWall.

Obviously this isn't a good fix but I need the car to work and I can't have the idle so low the lights dim and stereo ruins the battery (I don't even have any subs)

So One day I received rego papers to pay and I happened to notice my car was registered as an LPG vehicle??? but there's no tank no fogger no extra filling nozzle and it runs (sort of) on Unleaded??? This taught me what those tubes down the chassis rail was for; Not maybe it had a locker once like I thought more like LPG fuel lines, I then noticed the intake tube wasn't bolted on (just resting there) and there Loom had been butchered in a few places as well as an extra (non water tight) bung in my Air-Box.

Long story short The Idle Air Control Solenoid wasn't plugged in the throttle position sensor plug needed re soldering and may spark timing and maybe even ECU mapping would be set for an LPG car and this poor engine had been hastily thrown together with spare bits to be sold to me unwittingly.

Soldering a new plug on and plugging in the IACS didn't really fix the problem, It sorted the air-con and lights issue but it would still sometimes be super high or stupid low idles and it didn't seem to match running times or engine temperatures or running conditions.

It really had me stumped but whilst installing my rebuilt engine (G16A Block with G16B internals Bran new 16v MPFI head standard cam rockers etc.) I couldn't figure out how the smaller Coolant hoses go, the ones for the EGR IACS and Throttle body, so I pulled em all of to do process of elimination to figure out what went where and the coolant feed to the IACS was stuck and the hose sort of tore but the holes gave the impression they were always there and the bone dry crunching noises and rust cloud that amassed afterward was indication that coolant wasn't going there at all :(

So I don't know if being left dry or filled with calcification and rust can be remedied or if I need a completely new Solenoid, but even if I fix mine or get another it still needs a coolant feed to function (to sense engine temperature I guess) and I have no idea what way the hoses should be routed and after that how to adjust the base idle or ignition timing or air to fuel ratio properly or if I need to reflash (incase there is such a thing and an LPG map) or Reset my ECU, I also have a temp gauge that never goes past an eighth of the gauge and not sure if the ECU uses the same temp sensor feed or it may be unrelated

Sorry for the Essay guys, I've done 580ks on this new motor so far and when the Fuel Injection system isn't screwing with it the engine runs great, I'd sure love to get it running proper though and not have to pop the hood 3 or 4 times a day when out

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated, Thanks in Advance guys :D

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