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Post Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:17 pm 
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Hey Guys,

After a long time of going back through the old posts, I've decided to try and find a sierra to take on beach and mud runs (and maybe to work very rarely).

When looking I've came across the two main engine swaps being the 1.6 and the 4agze. I've had some experience with the 1.6 but never with the 4agze and was hoping someone could shed some light on the main differences in respects to:

1. Rough fuel consumption
2. Low down torque
3. Which you would prefer.

Not looking at doing anything too crazy with the car, just want it to be able to sit around 100 on the highway (hence why not going for a 1.3) and be able to keep up with the patrols if i decide to add lift wheels and lockers (would rather not have to fit another engine, done enough engine swaps for one lifetime).



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Post Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:19 pm 
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I'm not sure why you've landed on a GZE as a "main" engine swap. Whilst there's been quite a few 4AGE's done, the GZE is more complicated mostly due to the high torque.

Is the car you're discussing a in fact an 06 Jimny? I don't believe there will be any legal way to fit a GZE as the engine is much older than the car. One (small) advantage of the jimny is a little more room for the gearbox, a disadvantage is that the front axle will be overloaded with the weight of the GZE and the driveline will be unreliable.

The BIG problem with the GZE is the gearbox. The T50 doesn't really fit very well- it's very long, and there is no readily adaptable 4 speed auto (or even a three speed that's strong enough) Almost any motor can be fitted -the issue in a Sierra is ALWAYS the gearbox.

I'm not sure what you don't think a 1.3 can sit on 100km/h. Gear the car appropriately for the tyre size and the car will run 100km/h all day with a 1.3.

If you're in fact talking about a 06 Jimny, swap in an M15/M16/M18.

If you're talking about a Sierra, run a G16B and call it good.

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