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Vehicle: Suzuki Vitara H25A 1999

Post Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:54 am 
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Hi guys
Looking to do a SAS conversion on 1999 H25A auto 5 door Vitara

Cant seem to find much info on the 99/2005 shape they have rack and pinon steering and also abs so wheel speed sensors other than that appear much the same as the previous shape.I
s it better to stick with the ifs and mod it??
Was thinking of doing a yota KZ or LJ front axle and extending the rear 4 link keeping vit diff on 4inch lift to run 32s

Im from NZ and would like to get it cert ed so road legal if poss.

Be great to get some experienced feedback!!



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Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:59 pm 
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SAS into IFS cars has been done - but not to a GV that I've heard of.
Probably some one in the US of A has done it, considering the sort of stuff they seem to be able to get away with.
NZ follows a fair bit of ADR stuff AFAIK - That would be a hard conversion to keep legal in Vic, but with enough perseverance, money & the right engineer, it should be in theory possible.
Best to talk to an engineer in your area - you would likely be pioneering it.
32" have been run on GV's over here - not legally though, 32" is just too much of an increase over stock - usually with a body lift & guard trimming.
Front diff & CV strength is a hard issue to overcome though, making a SAS seem attractive - maybe Hilux?
A 1999 would be rare in Aust. to have ABS sensors (unless a 'Limited' spec pack) - does your cars actually have ABS?
Yes, you would have to ditch the rack & pinion & go back to a box, probably from the same car as the axle would be best.
Good luck!
Rgs, Michael



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Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:09 pm 
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It's been done by a guy in one of the caribbean islands (Trinidad) - unfortunately he's never shared the details, it's also been done in the US, I think you can find details on Pirate4x4 - I have my doubts about the possibility of having it certified/engineered, but I know nothing of the requirements in your corner of the world.


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Post Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:55 am 
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All the builds ive seen cut the front frame off and tube it


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Post Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:35 pm 
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To the OP why do you want SAS?

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