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Post Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:51 pm 
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Hey guys!

So recently I've been told by my mechanic that my 2008 Grand vitara 2.0 4 cylinder engine isn't hold high enough compression (90psi) in one of the cylinders which is causing a great deal of engine vibration and poor acceleration. At this point the exact reason is un-known as he is saying he would need to pull apart the engine etc etc.

Long story short he has told me its going to be cheaper and easier for me to just try and sell it, move on and buy something else.
I really don't want to do this as I only bought the car 6 months ago and other then this its in good condition.
What's everyone's opinions? Is it worth taking it somewhere else and getting a second opinion? What's going to be the cheapest option for this moving forward? I'm already in for like 2K for diagnostics and changing engine mounts (which did nothing).

I'm located in Melbourne if anyone has suggestions on places to take it etc.

Any help greatly appreciated!!


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Post Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:28 am 
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No, he doesn't need to pull the engine apart to determine the cause of poor compression, that's what a leak down test is for, which is only a tiny bit more complicated than a standard compression test. It determines where the compression is escaping. Crank case? Rings. inlet or exhaust manifolds? valves. cooling system? head gasket/head cracks.

However, you've already burned a whole ton of money, and regardless of the cause, it's likely to get a whole lot more expensive from there. There won't be a magical $100 fix.

The absolute cheapest option moving forward is probably selling the car.

Next cheapest option is to locate a second hand J20 from a wrecker and replace the engine you have. J20's can be had fairly cheaply, and engines sold through wreckers typically have a 3 month warranty, allowing you to get the engine compression and leak down tested, fitted, and driving to determine it's condition.

Suziworld in daimond creek might be able to help with a J20 and a swapper cost.

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